Scubadillo swamp dive July 31-August 1, 1999

Me, Richard and Hedde
The three swampdivers

For the July swampdive it was time to try Toledo Bend again.This time we actually made it, even though it turned out to be only three people going: me, Hedde and Richard. Mike Lester was sick and couldn't go. He just drove by our meeting place Saturday morning to give me the O2 kit and diveflag and wish us luck. We followed Mike's directions and found the Toledo Bend divecenter without any problems after an eventless 5 hour trip (including stops). A little long, but not too bad. We got directions at the shop for a good divesite at the spillway next to the Toledo Bend Reservoar dam on the Louisiana side. It's a divesite with at least three diveplatforms and several sunken boats. It even had lines going between them. There is parking for only a few cars there, but fortunately there was only one guy there ahead of us - and he took a cab to get there! On the Saturday dive we found two platforms and a boat: "Titanic" with a motorcycle parked next to it. It was a very shallow dive with a depth of around 20-25 feet. The water temperature was a balmy 90+ degrees above the thermocline and a cool 80+ below the thermocline. The thermocline was a few feet of the bottom so we constantly went above and below it.There were a few fish but very little else to see. But the big thing with this dive was that Hedde had now made 5 swampdive and was an official swampdiver. Congratulations!  <More to come...>

Dam and spillway
Bergeron Resort
Richard putting up his tent
View from our tentsite
The tentsite
The parkinglot at the spillway
Sunset at the campsite
Sunset at the campsite
Some fireflies showing off
Richard ready to get into the water
Hedde cooling of a little
Richard trying to untangle the line for the diveflag


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